Sunday, January 30, 2011


During the interview process with my current internship position, I was asked a question I never would've prepared for even if I had thought out all of the possible questions that would've been asked. It was one that I shared during a #PRSSA Tweet Chat Wednesday night that got a lot of Retweets saying "good question." It really was a good question. "Can you give me an example of a company or organization that does a good job with their social media efforts?" I honestly couldn't come up with an answer after being put on the spot. I regurgitated a response that I wish I would've taken more time to think about (because I had so many good examples post-interview). But that's neither here nor there.

I wish I had experienced Abby pre-interview because I would've been able to give a sound, very good example. Abby works in the communications department at Charter Cable. Who would've thought that a company like Charter (who I personally think has very poor service) would be so social media sound? Not I. You see, I called Charter one day to disconnect two of my three services. Days later, they disconnected all three. I called to complain and asked to be reconnected and I was told that I had to wait until later in the week due to their mistake. Well, like most consumers do in the heat of poor customer service, I took to Twitter (not realizing they had any social media presence). Within minutes, I got a response asking what the problem was. I aggressively stated my dissatisfaction. She then asked for my account information. Reluctantly, I complied though I thought there'd be nothing she could do. To my avail, she DM'ed me minutes later telling me my new reconnection time which was THAT day!

I later learned that Abby doesn't act alone. There's a whole gang of them! They're even available on the weekends. My social sedia award goes to Charter Communications. Kudos.

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